Yachts in the Philippines

There is no developed “charter industry” in the Philippines. There’s no Sunsail, no Moorings…basically, it’s in the very early development stage of a cruising destination. It’s very like Thailand of about 30yrs ago, when it’s all private owners, just chartering their own individual yachts.

There’s not a whole lot of them….yet. And as one might imagine, standards vary enormously. Some are real professionals – yachts who have been in the charter biz elsewhere for many years, and migrated to the Philippines because they love the uncrowded anchorages and tranquility. They know their game well. And then there’s the “cruisin’ cowboys” – ones who are just doing a bit of chartering “on the side” to top up the cruising kitty. Some can be great – but there’s others that you really don’t want to touch with a barge pole!

Meet our little family of yachts in the Philippines