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Turkey - Bozburun sailing raft-up
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Sailing Style

The SeaScape Sailing Options

Our sailing adventures open up the opportunity to everyone to share the fun and fellowship of a “real” sailing adventure.  Not a cruise ship, not a cram-’em-in passenger ferry – but as part of an active, fun team. Whether you are –

  • A total newbie or seasoned ol’ sea dawg
  • Travelling solo; as a couple, with friends and/or family

All you need is a sense of adventure and a gregarious spirit!

Our shareboat adventures are a great way for singles, couples, travel buddies,  etc to join a group of like-minded adventurers and share the experience, without the hassle and expense of having to book a whole boat.

If you’re travelling solo then one of our mostly singles trips could be perfect for you. There’s nothing like the fun, dynamic environment of a sailboat to make new and close friends.

If you can get enough friends together to fill a boat (or more) you get great rates – and a private charter might be the best option for you.

For those who would like a completely laid-back and relaxed time on board, add a first mate/cook to the recipe with one of our Galley Service charters.

Sailing options for Individuals

Shareboat  (“cabin charter”) Adventures

It can be hard enough getting a group of friends to agree on a date for dinner – let alone plan a vacation together! And sometimes it’s good to get away totally – new places, new faces. Joining a sailboat is a perfect way to do this – it’s a very informal, cosy atmosphere where the usual social “barriers” disappear quickly. Within a couple of days, you feel like you’ve known your crewmates for weeks!

“But who knows what kind of weirdos we might end up sailing with?” . . . is a concern many potential sailors have expressed. Indeed so – a 50′ yacht might be big in sailboat terms, but it’s a real small space if you don’t get on with your crewmates!

Well, we’re as concerned about that as you are, as we’re “in the same boat” – literally! We’re out there ourselves, living and sailing with our guests, so we know exactly how important group dynamics are. We always do our matchmaking best to put groups together with similar vacation goals and ideas. For example, we wouldn’t put a bunch of young singles out to party all night on the same boat as, say, a 50yr old couple expecting a romantic anniversary trip!

You can join in with the group as much as you like – or go off on your own whenever you please. We typically spend around 3-4hrs a day out sailing, so there’s lots of time to go explore the islands too when you get there. There’s other people around if you want company – but also plenty of space if you want time alone.

Besides our own pro-active efforts to match up crews, there is also a very effective “self-selection” factor. By their very nature, vacations like ours tend to attract adventurous, gregarious and open-minded people, who revel in the chance to escape the usual tourist track, the opportunity to get to know the locals, and perhaps learn new, fun skills. Birds of a feather do tend to flock towards similar vacations!

As one previous participant described it – it’s like “camping on the water”. Very up-market camping to be sure, but if this sort of concept appeals to you – you’ll have a ball! The cool thing is that everyone else on board must also think our casual, get-involved approach sounds like fun – else they would be on that cruise ship!

The net result of all this is many, many wonderfully FUN shareboat groups – and friendships that have lasted years beyond tying the final dock lines at the end of the trip.

Mostly Singles Sailing

Finding yourself with a group of compatible crewmates is important enough if you’re traveling with a partner – even more so if travelling solo!

One of our biggest advantages in being a small outfit is that we’re usually able to make enough personal contact with each of our clients to take a good shot at matching them with a crew they’ll find compatible. We’re not infallible at this, but our success rate IS pretty darn high!

Our “mostly singles” trips tend to attract active, adventurous and sociable characters. The group dynamics are usually very strong – when travelling solo, people tend to make more effort to get to know one another. With the team-spirit that boat life creates, the laid-back, hedonistic atmosphere of the islands, people get to know each other real fast – many folks go home with close friendships that have lasted years since.

If you’re travelling with a partner, but don’t necessarily want to be with all couples (‘cos, well, they can be awfully ‘couple-y’!) – one of our “mostly singles” trips might just fit you as well; the emphasis being on the get-to-know-new-people, fun group spirit. Just let us know what your preferences are, and we’ll do our matchmaking best to put you with the ‘right’ group.

Sailing options for Groups

Private Skippered Charter

Do you like the idea of getting involved…. a chance to sail the boat yourself… or learn how ! An adventure where you’re not just a passenger to be sailed from A to B on a set schedule, but actively involved in a dynamic and FUN team spirit? Then you’re on the right page here!

No matter how many years experience one has, there’s no substitute for local knowledge. Where are the safe hidey-holes if the wind changes direction in the night? Which taverna has the best food? Uh-oh…. the dock is full; but no worries, our local buddies will make space for us! Less responsibility and more relaxation – and you can still sail the boat yourself just as much as you like!

From “I’ll just take a turn at the helm occasionally”…. to “I want to be able to sail this ship all by myself by the end of the week!” – we get the full range, and often all within one group ! 🙂

Any of the above are fine; we love it when people are keen to learn, or improve skills; if you’re keener on sunbathing sometimes, that’s fine too!

Fully Crewed charters

No, we’re not really entering the white-shirted league here! Our easy-going and friendly SeaScape attitude will always stay the same. We still think you’re here to have FUN, not to be in some formal uptight environment, where you have to “dress for dinner”, a la cruise ship mentality!

But, for groups who really don’t want to do anything in the galley, we’ll take care of everything – cleaning, meal preparations, washing-up, etc.

You are still MORE than welcome to get involved in the sailing adventure part – pulling up the sails, steering, or throwing a line ashore (‘coz it’s a sailing trip, and that’s the fun stuff, right?!), but for private groups who don’t want to worry about cooking and cleaning up, our First Mate option in the Med might be just the ticket.

In Greece/Turkey, if you’d like to add a first mate / cook to the package, the rate is 150 euro/day.  Do keep in mind that the extra crew member will also need a cabin to sleep, so you need to allow for this.  Not all the yachts have an option of first mate, so pls do contact us to check in on this.

Whilst in the Med, it’s more common to have skipper-only – in SE Asia, there is such a huge advantage to having a fully crewed boat that this is the “usual” option there; so it is included in the boat price. After all, who on earth would NOT have their very own Thai chef onboard, given the chance??

Check on prices for trips in Greece / Turkey.

SE Asia, pricing here.