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About Us

So… who is SeaScape anyway?

We are a small, owner-operated company, based in the Greek islands. We started our “shareboat” trips in 1995 and have since taken our highly successful sailing concept to several other parts of the world – including Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, and Croatia.

The shareboat concept (now also called “cabin charter”) was the original cornerstone of SeaScape. Now we also do lots of private group charters – often with people who’ve sailed with us as a single or couple in the past, and now have a whole bunch of their friends and family want to come too!

In Greece/Turkey, our own yachts range from 49′ to 55′ – all monohulls, built with Mediterranean weather conditions in mind – comfortable, spacious, solid cruising boats.

In Phuket, Thailand – we have a huge 55′ sailing catamaran – her shallow draft and expansive deck/lounging space are perfect for the tropical climate.

In both the Med and SE Asia, we also work with a few carefully selected “buddy boats”.  Other boats/owners whom we have met over the years,  who share the same personal care and connection philosophy as us.

We also organise annual “one-off” trips to go explore different destinations; Croatia and the Philippines have been two of our favourites. This will usually be 2-3 boats sailing together, a lot of social fun and adventure!