Cool Deals

At this time of year, we would normally be putting out last minute offers, talking about our “special interest” trips, etc. But with the uncertainty of travel in our current Covid world, we’ve ditched our regular schedule, and are just working around requests on an individual basis.

We do have a few shareboats still running;  if you’re lucky enough to be able to escape at short notice and come join us for some Greek sun and sea, let us know your availability and ideas.

Also –  we are collecting together small groups of individuals/couples who would love to come join us if the stars and airlines schedules align;  if you’d like to join this last minute “stay tuned” group, do drop us a line… if we get enough folks interested in a particular timeframe – we can hit the Green for Go button!

Or if you’d just like to dream on in general about blues seas and skies….  come join our newsletter. We send out updates about once a month, and Covid gods willing, we’ll turn those sunny blue dreams into reality sometime soon!