Our Yachts in Greece

Besides the yachts that we own and charter directly in Greece, we also have an extended “SeaScape family” – other yachts & crews / owners who share our same attitude and ambiance with their guests.

We prefer to keep our charter operations small and personal, because – despite our many years in the biz – we still love the close, dynamic spirit that a “real” sailing yacht engenders.  Our SeaScape team love to look after their guests like visiting family, not just another number on a booking form.

So you won’t find us providing long, indiscrimate lists of every charter boat out there; there are plenty of other “agency sites” who do that. With the 25 years we’ve been operating in this area, we know the Good, the Bad, and the Don’t-touch-with-a-Bargepole operators. And we’re picky :).

Meet our floating sailboat homes

What’s Included

If you’re a newbie to the yacht charter scene, the number of different options available is going to seem pretty darn confusing.

Then you hit our page, and read “Guess what?? We’re even MORE different! “. “Oh great…” you’re thinking. 🙂

So – a very brief summary of the most common yacht charter options in the Med:

  • Bareboat charter.

    It’s just that. The boat is “bare” – you provide/pay for everything else. Mooring, water, fuel, cleaning, any local taxes, shopping for provisions, etc. Prices vary enormously, according to size / age of boat. You need two people onboard who are experienced sailors; the skipper must hold a European recognised licence.

  • Bareboat-with-skipper

    If you don’t have the sailing experience / licence to skipper – or else you’re smart enough to know the value of local knowledge 🙂 – you can hire a freelance skipper. The daily rates for a skipper can vary widely from around 150-200 eur/day. Plus you must remember to allow cabin space for him/her, and generally pay for their meals also.

  • Fully crewed charter

    Normally a huge price jump. This is usually getting into the luxury scene, with a price tag to match. The good news is that it’s a lot more inclusive; but not entirely. Read the small print. Some set a limit of 4hrs motoring-time per day; you pay for anything over that. Few include drinks, and often you are not supposed to BYO. You’re meant to buy from the boat’s “bar”…and… ouch. No more elaboration needed. Some include marina fees, some don’t. If your ideal sailing vacation is to sit back and relax totally – not touch a single fender, and certainly not help wash up – this could be the style for you.

  • SeaScape’s Skippered charters

    To use a fine Buddhist quote – we’re the “Middle Way” :). We hate the idea of asking guests to fork out extra at the end; everyone should know the cost upfront, and no sneaky extras. It’s that way throughout; from first checking out the pricelist on our page, to waving farewell at the dock. No Surprise Extras!”. On our trips, you will find the boats already well-stocked with food and drink on your arrival; you don’t need to even think about fuel, water, mooring fees, local taxes, etc…it’s all covered. And the skipper…well, a good or so-so one can make or break a trip. Our skippers (often owners) LOVE creating the fun, dynamic “real sailing team” spirit onboard our yachts – it makes all the difference to our lives too!

We have a blog post coming soon with much more detail for newbies – in the meantime, do feel free to mail us with any questions whatsoever! Don’t worry if you are a newbie, and you think it might sound dumb; we’ve all been there as green landlubbers at some time!

Here’s a summary of what’s included (or not) in our SeaScape trips:

What’s Included:

  • Accommodation on a 49′-55′ yacht in a double/twin cabin
  • SeaScape skipper
  • Informal sailing instruction if desired
  • Provisioning for breakfasts & lunches (on a help-yourself basis)
  • Complimentary Happy Hour on the first night
  • All boat running costs (fuel, water, mooring, etc)
  • All local taxes

What’s Not Included:

  • Transportation to/from the boats
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Dinners and other onshore costs


Below we created this fun little table to sum up the basic differences in types of charters:

Inclusion The 'Other Guys' SeaScape
Diesel Refill diesel tanks at end of charter
Allow around 200-250 €/wk
Water 20-30 euro per fill Included
Boat insurance Typical security deposit around 1500-2000€ Included
Mooring fees Varies hugely from 0-80 €/night Included
End cleaning DIY at end of charter or pay up —approx 80-120 € Included
Skipper Anything between 150-200 €/day. "On duty" time generally considered to be sailing only.
Do your own shopping, sightseeing, and make sure you pay for/provide skipper's meals too!
Our skippers keep the boat well stocked with provisions, tell/show you the coolest local places to go.
Your insider connection to the locals and our little SeaScape "family".
Learn to sail? Not usually.
Depends on the goodwill of the freelance skipper you get.
Informal sailing tips always available!
We're more than happy if people want to get involved in sailing the yachts.
Provisioning Breakfasts, lunches, soft drinks, unlimited help-yourself snacks, fresh fruit, etc...
Alcohol First Happy Hour round is on us - then you're welcome to BYO!
Dinner Usually ashore in a restaurant
(in Thailand, about half of our dinners are onboard, prepared by our amazing cook!)
Meal service We all help out!
Linen Make your own beds! We make 'em the first day; after that, it's up to you!
Varies according to boat chosen.
Plus all the extras.

Add up all the extras for a bareboat-with-skipper and you'll find our prices are generally less.