Sailing options for individuals, couples, own groups, and private charter.
Sailing options for individuals, couples, own groups, and private charter.
Thai sunset
Sailing options for individuals, couples, own groups, and private charter.
Sailing options for individuals, couples, own groups, and private charter.

Personal, fun, and off-the-beaten-track

SeaScape Sailing is an owner-operated adventure company, founded in the Greek islands twenty-five years ago. We’re a sailing outfit, but first and foremost we’re a travel company who loves to explore some of the most beautiful parts of the world, and it just so happens that the best way to do this involves boats!

Over the years, we've grown a global SeaScape community; people with ages, backgrounds and nationalities as diverse as our destinations. Our one common thread is this: We love to get "behind the scenes", away from the crazy tourist crowds - and thrive on the easy-going, fun team spirit that sailboats encourage.

Despite this growth, our cornerstone of direct, individual connection with all our SeaScape Sailors remains the same – we’re small, personal, and that’s how we’re staying

Welcome to our SeaScape family!


Our Sailing Destinations

The Mediterranean

Long summer days, crystal clear waters, and rich local culture - just some of the things that make the Mediterranean a perfect sailing destination.

Choose from our cruising areas in Greece or Turkey - or get the best of both worlds with a combo trip to both countries.

greece sailing


White buildings, blue skies, crystal clear waters - this is off-the-beaten-path Greece, with a completely different pace of life.

Discover Greece
turkey sailing


Where East meets West. Enjoy the exotic food and warm hospitality as we sail to bays and towns along Turkey's stunning Turquoise Coast.

Discover Turkey
sailing Turkey

Greece/Turkey Combo

Our “combo” trips give you a chance to explore both countries at a leisurely, cruising pace - the best of both worlds!

Greece/Turkey Combo

South East Asia

Everything in this part of the world is served with a smile - including the cuisine; we have the luxury of our very own, amazing Thai cook onboard!

White sandy beaches and towering cliff formations make for fabulous sailing around a plethora of little, varied islands, well away from the usual tourist tracks.

thailand sailing


Year-round sailing, and all the ingredients one could ever ask from a tropical sailing vacation! Stunningly beautiful scenery, a multitude of uncrowded anchorages and underwater wonderlands of coral and multicoloured fish.

Discover Thailand
philippines sailing


Land tourism is sprouting like mushrooms of late; but out on the water, we have all this magical beauty to ourselves. Stunning scenery very like Thailand, but still totally pristine. We're making the most of it before it hits the mass tourism map..!

Discover Philippines

Our Sailing Options

shareboat sailing


For individuals, couples, or friends travelling together - join likeminded adventurers on one of our shareboats.

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charter sailing

Private Charter

Already have your own group? Charter the whole boat with one of our skippers aboard to show you the ropes.

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fully crewed  sailing

Fully Crewed

Just like our whole boat charters, but with extra crew - means less time in the galley, more time enjoying the view.

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