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Sailing in the Philippines

The country of 7000+ islands…

In our scouting around for some new, off-the-beaten track places to take our intrepid SeaScape sailors – we found the Philippines. We fell instantly in love with it. It feels like the Thailand of 30yrs ago – similar in it’s stunning scenery, but still so pristine.

There’s the totally awesome, towering limestone cliffs, with hidden lagoons where we can anchor for the night. Most likely, we’ll be the only boats there.  Then sailing out into the smaller islands, the scenery changes to the picture postcard beaches; the obligatory tropical palm trees and azure water.

The snorkelling is off-the-planet gorgeous. The reefs are still teeming with marine life, it’s like swimming in a tropical fish tank. The water is warm and lovely, one can float around for hours without getting cold.

A few cool little beach bars are starting to pop up on some of these islands, and there’s a couple of remote “resort” type spots that we visit for a change in pace.


The Philippines is still a relatively new cruising ground to us. This season (2020) was going to be our fourth year of sailing there; and every year, we’ve tried out new and different itineraries.

Sadly, we don’t have a specific update to report for this season, as Covid closed that all down this spring.

So – coming soon – we are going to create a virtual itinerary from all the favourite places we’ve been in the past three years. And stand by 2021 – we’ll be back to make it reality!

If you’re interested in checking out more about these amazing sailing grounds – drop us a line, and as soon as we have our new content uploaded, we’ll let you know.

In the meantime – here’s a video which we shot in March 2019 – this will keep you dreaming and drooling ! 🙂

Sailing in the Philippines – Local Info

Land tourism has mushroomed in the past decade or so; but the flood of charter yachts has not shown up – yet. The Palawan islands of the Philippines are simply pristine – and we don’t use that “glossy travel brochure speak” lightly.

Stay tuned for lots more to come on these gorgeous islands !