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Options for Individuals

More coming shortly on our new shareboat schedules

Options for Groups

We have some new buddy-boats to add to our family! Stay tuned for more info if you are looking for a private charter.

Shareboat Rates

For individuals, couples, or friends travelling together, these are our prices to join our Shareboat sails. There are no single supplement charges.

Prices are per person and in Euros

 5 Days8 Days
Price per person12951650
These prices are for our shareboat trips in Thailand. For our Special trips, such as Photography and Yoga, please see those sections for their respective prices.

Private Charters

For whole boat charters, our rates depend on which boat you sail with us.


Nyami sails in Thailand – Sleeps 8 guests in 4 double cabins (plus 3 crew cabins).
Prices are for the whole boat, per day, in Euros
More info on Nyami here

No. of guests1-30 Nov1 Dec-30 Apr1 May-31 Oct
1 - 4 129013901190
5 - 6 149015901390
7 - 8 159016501490


Amadeus sails in Thailand – Sleeps 8 in 4 double cabins (plus 2 crew cabins)
Prices are for the whole boat, per day, in Euros
More info on Amadeus here

Price in euros per day6 May-30 Oct31 Oct-5 May
1 - 4 guests10801250
5 - 6 guests13001490
7 - 8 guests14501590


Available in Phuket, Thailand during low season – Sleeps 14 guests in 4 double cabins, 2 single cabins (plus 2 crew cabins)
Prices are for the whole boat, per day, in Euros
More info on Cataleya here

Price in euros per day1 May-3 Nov3 Nov-30 Apr
1 - 4 guests13501450
5 - 8 guests15501650
9 - 12 guests17501850
12 - 14 guests18501950

What’s included

The Bottom Line: What will it cost?

Our philosophy is very simple; our costs are as inclusive as we can sensibly make them. We figure most people would prefer to know ahead of time what the total vacation cost is; not have to worry about little additional surprises along the way!

On our Adventure Sailing trips, once you get on the boat, everything on board is covered. We provide provisions for breakfasts, lunches, soft drinks – we even do complimentary Happy Hour drinks on us ! The only thing we don’t include is dinners – in Greece & Turkey, the local taverna experience ashore is much too much fun to miss! In Thailand, the anchorages can be more remote; so our amazing Thai chef will cook dinner for us on board about half the time – when there are little local places to eat ashore, we go join the local ambiance!

So unlike the more usual yacht charter deal – there’s no unexpected extras to catch you out halfway (“Oh, you didn’t realise how much this marina costs?” or “That’ll be another 300 euros for the fuel bill, thank you very much!” ).

With the more usual bareboat-plus-skipper arrangement, you’re up for everything else – fuel, water, mooring, insurance, local taxes, food, on board bar bills – even the skipper’s food and drink!

SeaScape’s philosophy is that nasty $$ surprises don’t do anything for a relaxing vacation – and we emphatically don’t work that way. We’d prefer you to eat, drink and be merry – without worrying how much extra it will cost!

Inclusion The 'Other Guys' SeaScape
Diesel Refill diesel tanks at end of charter
Allow around 200-250 €/wk
Water 20-30 euro per fill Included
Boat insurance Typical security deposit around 1500-2000€ Included
Mooring fees Varies hugely from 0-80 €/night Included
End cleaning DIY at end of charter or pay up —approx 80-120 € Included
Skipper Anything between 150-200 €/day. "On duty" time generally considered to be sailing only.
Do your own shopping, sightseeing, and make sure you pay for/provide skipper's meals too!
Our skippers keep the boat well stocked with provisions, tell/show you the coolest local places to go.
Your insider connection to the locals and our little SeaScape "family".
Learn to sail? Not usually.
Depends on the goodwill of the freelance skipper you get.
Informal sailing tips always available!
We're more than happy if people want to get involved in sailing the yachts.
Provisioning Breakfasts, lunches, soft drinks, unlimited help-yourself snacks, fresh fruit, etc...
Alcohol First Happy Hour round is on us - then you're welcome to BYO!
Dinner Usually ashore in a restaurant
(in Thailand, about half of our dinners are onboard, prepared by our amazing cook!)
Meal service We all help out!
Linen Make your own beds! We make 'em the first day; after that, it's up to you!
Varies according to boat chosen.
Plus all the extras.

Add up all the extras for a bareboat-with-skipper and you'll find our prices are generally less.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included (Greece & Turkey)?

We have a whole section on that right here!

But basically, if it’s on the boat – it’s covered; if it’s ashore – it’s up to you.

How much should I budget for dinner?

25 euros per dinner will get you a ton of food, and about as much wine as it’s possible to drink.