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Options for Individuals

More coming shortly on our new shareboat schedules

Options for Groups

We have some new buddy-boats to add to our family! Stay tuned for more info if you are looking for a private charter.

Shareboat (cabin charter) Rates

For individuals, couples, or friends travelling together. Rates are based on a shared double cabin. For those travelling solo, we’ll match you up with a (same sex) bunkmate.  Sole use of a dbl cabin is sometimes available at 1.5x the single price.

Prices are per person and in Euros

5 Days8 Days
Price per person12951795
These prices are for our shareboat trips in Thailand. For our Special trips, such as Photography and Yoga, please see those sections for their respective prices.

Our trips in the 2023/2024 season

Here are the dates for our shareboat program for the coming Thailand season. The dates below are still somewhat flexible, as we work around requests from some of our “Old Salts”  (our previous SeaScape sailors) – so please drop us a line to check in with us on any particular timeframe you are interested in.

Private charters are available from early Nov to late May for our regular itineraries;  for the “green season”, it’s still possible to sail, just in the more sheltered waters of Phang-Nga bay.

At the moment, our shareboat itineraries are all our favourite 8 day routes;  some 5 day options from one of our buddy-boats will be added soon.

For some trips,  we need a min of 4 people confirmed to start a shareboat.  For busy times of the season, we’re good to start the ball rolling with just 2 people.  Please ask us about whatever dates you are considering; with airlines still being a little chaotic, it’s a constantly moving goalpost !

Please note  – private group bookings do not need adhere to this schedule –  we can customise whatever timeframe you would like, around other existing bookings of course.

If our own yacht Nyami is not available, or if eg, she is too big for a smaller group  – just let us know and we can let you know other options on our partner boats.

Nov 28-Dec 6 Phuket-Phuket 8 daysFully booked
Dec 8-18Phuket-Phuket 11 days Fully booked - private
Dec 21-31
Phuket-Phuket 10 days daysFully Booked - private
Jan 4 - Jan 12 Phuket-Phuket 8
Shareboat - 4 places available
Jan 16-24 Phuket-Phuket 8 days Available - shareboat or private

Jan 29-Feb 6Phuket-Phuket 8 daysFully Booked - private
Between Jan 30-Feb 7 Phuket-PhuketAvailable for private bookings
Feb 10-13 Phuket-Phuket 4 daysBooked - private
Feb 19-27th Phuket-Phuket 8 daysAvailable as shareboat or private
Mar 4-12 Phuket-Phuket 8 daysAvailable as shareboat or private

Mar 18-26 Phuket-Phuket 8 daysAvailable as shareboat or private
April 1-9 Phuket-Phuket 8 daysAvailable as shareboat or private
April 11-end May Phuket-Phuket - duration variableAvailable for private groups

Private Charters

For whole boat charters, our rates depend on which boat you sail with us.


Nyami sails in Thailand – Sleeps 8 guests in 4 double cabins (plus 3 crew cabins).
Prices are for the whole boat, per day, in Euros
More info on Nyami here

No. of guests1-30 Nov1 Dec-30 Apr1 May-31 Oct
1 - 4 129014951190
5 - 6 149016501390
7 - 8 159016951490


Amadeus sails in Thailand – Sleeps 8 in 4 double cabins (plus 2 crew cabins)
Prices are for the whole boat, per day, in Euros
More info on Amadeus here

Price in euros per day6 May-30 Oct31 Oct-5 May
1 - 4 guests10801250
5 - 6 guests13001490
7 - 8 guests14501590


Available in Phuket, Thailand during low season – Sleeps 14 guests in 4 double cabins, 2 single cabins (plus 2 crew cabins)
Prices are for the whole boat, per day, in Euros
More info on Cataleya here

Price in euros per day1 May-3 Nov3 Nov-30 Apr
1 - 4 guests13501450
5 - 8 guests15501650
9 - 12 guests17501850
12 - 14 guests18501950

What’s included

The Bottom Line: What will it cost?

Our philosophy is very simple; our costs are as inclusive as we can sensibly make them. We figure most people would prefer to know ahead of time what the total vacation cost is; not have to worry about little additional surprises along the way!

On our Adventure Sailing trips, once you get on the boat, everything on board is covered. We provide provisions for breakfasts, lunches, soft drinks – and we host the first night’s Happy Hour drinks as well!  The only thing we don’t include  is dinners ashore.   In Thailand, the anchorages can be more remote; so our amazing Thai chef will cook dinner for us on board about half the time – when there are little local places to eat ashore, we go join the local ambiance.   Prices are amazingly reasonable, for our western budgets  – unless you go crazy and and decide to order imported wine, prime steak or other such non-local stuff!

So unlike the more usual yacht charter deal – there’s no unexpected extras to catch you out halfway (“Oh, you didn’t realise how much this marina costs?” or “That’ll be another 300 euros for the fuel bill, thank you very much!” ).

With the more usual bareboat-plus-skipper arrangement, you’re up for everything else – fuel, water, mooring, insurance, local taxes, food, on board bar bills – even the skipper’s food and drink!

SeaScape’s philosophy is that nasty $$ surprises don’t do anything for a relaxing vacation – and we emphatically don’t work that way. We’d prefer you to eat, drink and be merry – without worrying how much extra it will cost!