Sailing, Yoga….& much more

An Immersive Experience Connecting Mind, Body And Ocean…

We know already what the combination of sun, sea & sailing has done to regenerate the energies of so many of our sailors. With the growing wave of “western” interest in the health benefits of yoga, meditation and mindfulness – how could we miss the chance to put all the above together??

The Yoga Part

A sailboat always creates close, personal dynamics; it’s a small space, you get to know your crewmates real fast! As we’ve found with our Photo Workshops, having a common interest creates a focus that encourages an even closer team spirit.

How much more is our yoga experience going to add to these group dynamics ?? If you don’t go home with new lifelong friends, we’ll eat our cap’n’s hats !!

Our main yoga classes will be early mornings – a variety of styles, from the “traditional” hatha yoga to experimenting with yin yoga, pranayama, yoga nidra – all adapted to suit the group at the time. We expect a wide range of experience levels; beginners, you are totally welcome – expert yogis, don’t worry it will be “too easy”, we will find plenty to challenge you too!

There will also be a chance to learn about reiki too, with a one-to-one sessions with our yoga instructor Orsi also on the menu.

You can connect with Orsi via her Facebook page, “Enjoy the Breath” or email her directly to chat more about the yoga component of the trip.

The Sailing Part

As with all our SeaScape adventures – it’s an active all-hands-on-deck experience!

Not that you need any previous sailing experience – if you’re a newbie but keen to learn – great !! If pulling on ropes isn’t really your cup o’tea; you can still be part of the team spirit by perhaps making everyone a Happy Hour gin n’ tonic!

For our inaugural yoga/sailing trip, one of the boats will have a “girlie skipper”; so ladies, there will be no macho elbowing-you-off-winches, and certainly no yelling from the helm!

And OK boys, don’t worry… the other boat skipper will be engaging in the also very traditional Greek habit of watching the world go by with a Mythos (local beer) in hand at a local taverna; so don’t feel too threatened 🙂

Most of all – we are “owner/skippers” who care 100% that our guests have the best time ever; not just some freelancer with a one-more-pay-day attitude. Our boats are your “home-from-home”, and we’d love to welcome you to our global family of SeaScape Old Salts!

For our Cynics and Non-Interested Partners

Think yoga, meditation and such are a load of New Age hogwash? Ever tried it ?? You never know till you do. But for those whose partner would love to join, but you’d rather be caught with your pants down than in a Warrior Pose – that’s fine! We have a “No Yoga” partner pricing too.

Sounds intriguing, but I’m just not that flexible / I’m too old…

We have an answer to that too; definitely “hogwash” !! ? Purely the physical side of yoga has been proven to be an amazingly effective form of physiotherapy, for even serious injuries, strokes, etc. As for the mental & spiritual component – yes, it IS as intriguing as it sounds. Give it a go…

What’s Included

Yoga Component Includes

  • Daily yoga, meditation, and pranayama classes
  • Individual guiding and adjustments
  • One-to-one reiki sessions available
  • 24 hours availablity for questions and interaction
  • Leaving with a better understanding of yoga, breathing, relaxation, healing… and yourself!

The Sailing Part Includes

  • Liveaboard accommodation on our 55′ yacht, shared dbl or twin cabins
  • Breakfasts & lunches. In Thailand, also some dinners on board
  • Complimentary Happy Hours on board (local beers & liquors)/li>
  • SeaScape Skipper – sailing instruction if desired
  • All onboard expenses (fuel, water, mooring costs, etc)

Dates & Other Details

Sadly, our yoga/sail trip of 2020 got washed away with Covid; and everything has been too last min to plan for this summer. Stay tuned for next summer 2022 – drop us a note if you’d like to be kept posted !

Itinerary: Our favourite Dodecanese islands of Greece

Inclusions: Same as ever! Our “No Surprises” philosophy. If it’s onboard, it’s included.