Booking Terms and Conditions

Please read to ensure you are in agreement with these terms.

Booking Conditions

We will hold an option for 48hrs whilst you decide if you would like to confirm a booking. After this time, it will cancel automatically unless otherwise agreed.

To confirm your place, a 25% deposit is required. This can be paid with credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or direct bank transfer. We are not able to process debit cards nor American Express.

Balance is required 90 days before departure. We reserve the right to cancel bookings not fully paid at this time.

Please note that on our shareboat program, we cannot always guarantee in advance which of our yachts you will be on. We do our best to accommodate personal preferences, and normally are able to do so; but private group bookings may sometimes affect which yachts are available for our shareboat schedule.

  • Cancellations 6 months before departure: 100 euros admin fee
  • Cancellations more than 3 months before departure: 25% of charter fee
  • Cancellations between 2-3 months before start of trip: 50% of charter fee
  • Cancellations between 1-2 months before start of trip: 80% of charter fee
  • Cancellations 1 month before departure, 100% of charter fee.

We will do our very best to help out if factors arise out of your control, and given enough notice, sometimes are able to re-book berths and reschedule your trip. However, please understand that we are a small company, and it is simply not possible for us to personally absorb the financial impact if you cancel at short notice and we cannot rebook your space.

We VERY strongly advise you to take out adequate travel insurance. And pls, read the "small print"!

Given the unavoidable uncertainties of travel in the near-term future, we have adopted a special policy for cancellations which are due to Covid changes on travel restrictions. Should it become impossible to travel due to entry restrictions into Greece / Thailand, we will refund all monies paid to date, minus a 100 euro admin fee. This is designed to cover a "gap" that we discovered with even "CFAR" (Cancel For Any Reason) policies, where you need to advise them of a cancellation 48hrs before scheduled departure. As we have all learned, such changes can happen very rapidly; so we're covering you if Covid restrictions shut down your trip from "our side". If things go wrong your end or with flight complications, etc - that's what you still need regular travel insurance for. We will also offer the opportunity to reschedule your trip to another date (for either Greece or Thailand) with no charge. The extenuating “Covid condition” does NOT apply to simply a change of mind. If it is physically possible for you to enter the country and embark on your sailing trip with us, then normal cancellation conditions shall apply. Please note that this does not cover Travel Advisories which may recommend against travel for a variety of reasons. Advisories are necessarily very conservative, not only about Covid. This special condition applies only when getting to the yacht or running the trip is made impossible due to Covid legal or operational reasons.
It is extremely rare for us to have to cancel a trip; in our 25yrs of operation, this has only happened this past year, due to Covid issues. However, should circumstances outside of our control leave us in the difficult situation of just one person booked on a trip - clearly this is not going to work for either you nor us. A full refund would of course be made. Our smallest shareboat group size is generally 4 people, although if circumstances dictate, we are happy to run with a minimum of two people if everyone is agreeable. However, please note that we cannot be held responsible for any other travel costs incurred, nor changes in personal arrangements, etc. Please, especially in these uncertain times - book flexible airfares and please take out travel insurance.
A sailboat offers limited personal space; an easy-going, cooperative team spirit and respect for others on board are essential to the enjoyment of all. We reserve the right to terminate the vacation of any client who refuses to comply with instructions from SeaScape staff; or whose behaviour is deemed to be causing distress, damage, danger or annoyance to other clients. Upon such termination, our responsibility for your vacation ceases and we shall not be liable for any other costs incurred. Our SeaScape team is there to do their utmost to make this a fantastic vacation experience for all our clients, and we know from feedback that we succeed in this 99% of the time. However, we are not mind-readers and if something is not working for you, it is your responsibility to let one of our SeaScape team know, and to give us the opportunity to fix any problems. If there are any issues you do not feel can be addressed by your skipper(s) during a trip, we are always no more than a phone call or email away in HQ locally, or our admin office in the States. We cannot fix what we do not know about. We will not enter into any post-trip discussion of issues about which we were not informed at the time.
Whilst sailboats do not require yoga-style fitness - one needs to be physically agile enough to walk across narrow gangplanks, balance around on a rocking boat, climb in and out of a dinghy in sometimes rough conditions. Please be realistic when assessing if this type of "soft adventure” vacation is a good match for your agility levels.
Likewise, please be sure to read our FAQ notes, especially if you are a newcomer to sailing. They are very important in ensuring that our adventure sailing concept is a good match for your vacation expectations, and those of your future crewmates. Yachts are not the ideal vacation for everyone. If sailing is a new experience for you, consider it “camping on the water”… and you will be on the right page!
Safety is the primary consideration on SeaScape sailing adventures, and our staff and skippers will always act with this priority uppermost. However, sailing and other such associated active pursuits can never be entirely risk-free, and anyone participating in such an “adventure” vacation must be aware of this and be willing to take full personal responsibility for their decision to participate and any consequences thereof.
I will take as final the skipper’s decision on all matters concerning the safety and well-being of everyone on board.
I assume all risks involved with this vacation, whether onboard, on shore, swimming, scuba diving, cycling, motorbiking, snorkeling or partaking in any other activities whatsoever. I will not hold either SeaScape, its employees or associates liable for any injury, illness or damage that I incur, either on the boat, or as a result of other activities or tours or land-based excursions suggested by SeaScape crew.
I have read, understand and accept SeaScape’s booking and cancellation conditions.
I have read SeaScape’s FAQ notes, and I am fully aware and in agreement with the active, participatory nature of this vacation.
I have sufficient physical agility and balance to navigate narrow gangplanks, dinghies, etc, and actively partake in other typical sailboat activities.
I have no medical, personal or other conditions of which I am aware which may affect my ability to fully participate in this vacation as described in the trip notes. If any such issues or concerns exist or may exist, I will inform SeaScape in writing at the earliest possible opportunity.
Should unavoidable circumstances arise which force the cancellation of my trip, I will not hold SeaScape responsible for any other associated travel costs nor changes in personal plans.
Should any issues arise during the trip about which I have concerns, I will inform a SeaScape team member as soon as practically possible. I agree there will be no post-trip discussions of issues which were not brought to our attention at the time.