Update: Dec 17th 2020

Normally, we’d have our upcoming shareboat schedule published long ago –  but in these unpredictable times, we’ve held off setting any firm 2021 timetables as yet.

We’re more than happy to keep that Olympic Torch of optimism burning with those of you who’d like to start making tentative plans for private group trips in 2021 – plus we’re still working with our reschedules from 2020.  So absolutely, we’re still here and ready to set sail again as soon as world conditions allow.

Greece – especially the islands – has done exceptionally well with their Covid management during these past difficult months. So we are especially hopeful that we’ll be popping those champagne corks multiple times next summer, out on the water!

We’ve left our 2020 dates here (below) as an indictor of a typical season structure; and once we feel the Covid Green Light is sufficiently lit – we’ll have the new season dates up there in a flash!  Drop us a line if you’d like to be kept in the loop as Greece travel conditions develop.

For now, stay safe & sane everyone – and as Merry a Christmas as one can have in these strange times!

Sail Dates & Rates

Our Dodecanese itineraries are usually one week trips. Sometimes we are able to customise different time frames for private groups. If you would like more details, pls drop us a line. If there’s any particular type of trip, group or dates you’re especially interested in – do let us know, so we can send you the most relevant info.

Our sailing adventures in the 2020 season

The dates below are for our shareboat program; for private groups we are able to customise dates and routes.  Check out our private group options here.

DatesTrip RoutePrice in euros
May 9 - Jun 4Dodecanese
Jun 5 - Jun 11Dodecanese1395
Jun 13 - Jun 23Leros-Turkey-Kos (10 days)1795
Jun 27 - Jul 3Dodecanese1395
Jul 4 - Jul 10Dodecanese1395
Jul 11 - Jul 17Dodecanese1395
Jul 18 - Jul 24Dodecanese1395
Jul 25 - Jul 31Dodecanese1395
Aug 1 - Aug 7Dodecanese1395
Aug 8 - Aug 14Dodecanese1395
Aug 15 - Aug 21Dodecanese1395
Aug 22 - Aug 28Dodecanese1395
Aug 29 - Sep 4Dodecanese1395
Sep 5 - Sep 11Dodecanese1395
Sep 12 - Sep 18Dodecanese1395
Sep 19 - Sep 25Dodecanese1395
Sept 26-Oct 6Dodecanese1395
Oct 7-17Leros-Turkey-Kos1795


Private charters – bring your own group of friends/family.

Details of yachts & pricing