Given the unavoidable uncertainties of travel in the near-term future, we have adopted a special policy for cancellations which are due to Covid changes on travel restrictions to Greece this summer. This is intended to “fill in the potential gaps” that we see in insurance policies –  not to replace them. 

So – in addition to your travel insurance, we offer refunds for the following conditions:

a) Should it become impossible to travel due to Greece changing it’s entry conditions, and you are physically unable to get to our boats; OR

b) Should inter-island travel be put into “lockdown” and we are legally not allowed to sail

So this effectively means that if conditions change in Greece and sailing is impossible; then you’ll be covered – we will refund your trip cost (less our 100 eur admin fee).

If you cannot get here due to factors at your end: regulation changes in your own country, cancelled flights, personal Covid contact/diagnosis or any other reason – you need insurance, and preferably CFAR, to cover these contingencies.

Please note that some countries are still not recommending travel to Greece; Travel advisories are necessarily very conservative, not only about Covid.

The UK currently has Greece on it’s “amber” list.  The States also advises “do not travel”. It’s up to you to make your own risk assessment of these regulations.

Basically, we are covering things going wrong our end, i.e. if due to Greek changes in regulations, our trips cannot operate. It’s up to you to cover the risk factors your end.