Travelling To Greece

The main international airport is Athens. If you are coming from outside Europe, this is your most obvious first stop. If you are travelling to Greece from the UK or other northern Europe, you may also want to check out charter flights direct to the islands.

The start and end points for our trips are either Leros, Samos or Kos, depending on the particular itinerary.

Domestic flights from Athens

Olympic Airways To Kos, Samos, Rhodes, Kalymnos, Leros.

Aegean Airlines To Kos, Samos, Rhodes. Some really great fares if you book early! Check out their international routes to Europe also.

Flight times approx 50mins.

Aegean Airlines is the only airline operating direct flights to Leros, usually in the mornings. It is a small plane – book early, especially in mid-season!

Ferries from Athens

Check out our favourite ferry site for latest schedules. (Note: Use “Pireus” as the From port name for Athens)

To / from the Dodecanese islands (Rhodes, Kos, Kalymnos, Leros, Patmos)
Blue Star ferries

Travelling from Athens to Leros by ferry

In the summer months, Blue Star has a ferry most days from Athens. It is 7-9 hours to Leros; usually leaves late afternoon/early eve from Pireus (the main ferry port of Athens).  The boats are comfortable and spacious, quite the fun experience in itself ! If you are travelling overnight, we’d highly recommend getting a cabin.

Travelling from Leros back to Athens by ferry

From Leros to Athens – the ferries normally leave late evening, overnight to Athens. Deck class is super-cheap; seats are reasonably comfortable and “sleep-able” but it can be busy and noisy in the main season.

Athens-Samos ferries

Multiple ferries, schedules vary widely – check the GTP site for the latest.

Travelling from the UK / other European countries

There are dozens of charter flights operating from local airports direct to the islands. Try searching on, eg “charter flights” UK Kos Samos Rhodes . Once in any of these islands, there are lots of easy connections to Leros.

If you’d like to stay overnight in any of the bigger islands (Kos, Samos, Rhodes) before getting a ferry to join us in Leros, we do have some suggestions of friendly little family pensions where our local friends will give you a true “SeaScape welcome” too!