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All about our shareboat concept



Is there a single supplement ?

Our shareboat prices are based on two people sharing a cabin; and no, there is no single supplement in this case.

Because of the necessarily compact design of sailboats, most cabins are doubles. Some are double beds, some are bunk beds or twin singles. We get lots of solo travellers, and most are happy to have a cabin-mate (don’t worry, we won’t put you “in the same bed” with someone of the opposite sex 🙂

If you’d really prefer to have a cabin to yourself – on most trips, we are able to offer that option, at a cost of 1.5x the regular price.

There are some trips (especially our “one-off” exploratory trips, where we rent boats from other owners) when we’re not able to offer this option.

Just check in with us for any particular trip you’re interested in, and we can give you the options.

I’m travelling solo, but don’t want to end up a “third wheel”

That’s what our “mostly singles” groups are all about.  It may not be ALL singles… and this is absolutely NOT any kind of “dating” deal.  But we can tell you which groups you are likely to fit best with, and don’t worry – there is no way you’ll end up with eg, a family & kids, and you don’t even have any wheels to spin!

Crew “match-making”

We know extremely well how important group dynamics are, and we always try to create compatible groups.  For instance, we would not put a group of partying 20-30yrs olds together with eg, a 60yr old couple celebrating an anniversary trip.

We care about this a whole lot, ‘cos as most of our boats are owner/skippered, we’re there onboard with you!

Being a small, personal company, we are able to get to know most of our sailors individually – you are never “just one more number on a booking form” to us.

How safe is this for solo women travellers?

It doesn’t get much safer!

First of all, you get an instant friend-group to explore new places and experiences with. If you want to go off on your own, that’s fine too –  if you get lost or whatever, the locals know us so well, they’ll  take you home to the boat 🙂

Secondly, our skippers are not there just to sail the boat. They are your go-to people for everything – whether it’s keeping an eye on boat dynamics (is that guy bugging you?) to “What’s appropriate to wear to the monastry / the beach bar / the Turkish baths, etc?”

We advise the usual caution when transiting through the bigger cities;   keep your street-smarts about you there. But in general, the places we have chosen as our favourite cruising grounds are very low-risk for solo women travellers. Sure, the Greek & Turkish guys may well try to chat you up; but if you make it clear you’re not interested – they’re fine and still totally friendly.  All of us female SeaScape team members feel a whole lot “safer” here than we would in our home “First World” countries!


What if they’re all weirdos?

A good point!  A 50’+ boat is still a very small space if you don’t get on with your crewmates. But—the fact is that 95% of the time, everyone on board gets on just great, and ends up really good friends. How come??

1) A very effective self-selection process! By definition, anyone who would choose an adventure vacation like this generally is an independent, flexible type, with a sociable spirit. In our experience, anyone who reads these notes and thinks “Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun!” usually turns out to be a pretty cool person themselves…

2) Just to be QUITE sure – not only do we have these very in-depth notes, but we also chat to all our potential sailors on email and/or on the phone before they book. We DO tell anyone who we don’t think is really suited that they should reconsider. We’re not doing anyone any favours by not being totally candid about this.

Obviously, we can’t make any guarantees you’ll love all your crewmates, but our success rate is pretty amazingly high
(check in with TripAdvisor and Facebook reviews from our previous shareboaters !).