The latest on Covid in Phuket

sunrise sailboat

Update: Thailand’s new Test n’ Go program is a go!  Keep on scrolling…

30th Jan 2022

As the Omicron wave passes through Europe,  countries such as the UK, the Netherlands & Denmark are leading the charge in downgrading Covid to an “endemic”.   Travel restrictions and mandatory mask-wearing are being withdrawn, and life seems to be heading for something akin to “normal” again.

After these past two dark years, should we see this as the beginning-of-the-end to Covid ?  Opinions vary, of course – but it’s hard not to pop the champagne and celebrate a little….even if cautiously!

Last summer in Greece, we already popped several bottles with our intrepid SeaScapers; this coming summer, it looks like we will be ordering multiple cases of champers!  With the outdoor lifestyle of the Greek islands, and our preference for avoiding crowded places anyway – sailing is a wonderful way to take a big breath of fresh air and freedom.  Entry conditions to Greece are just a negative PCR test on arrival.

James Bond island

In Thailand, the new Test n’ Go scheme is in operation as of March 1st.

It is now just one night in a “quarantine hotel” (there’s some gorgeous ones, not exactly any great hardship).  You wait there until your airport PCR test results are delivered – and that’s it!  You really can then Go….. Sailing !!