Greece-and-Turkey “combo” trips

One of our reasons for choosing the Dodecanese as our home base is that we get Turkey as our next door neighbour.  So we get to sail in both countries,  a wonderful variety!

However, just because we are so geographically close does not mean that we can simply zig-zag between countries (if only!). One still has to go through customs procedures, and this can only be done at certain Ports of Entry.  Still, it’s a whole lot easier to take our own floating home between countries, rather than messing around with bags, queues and customs officials, as you would on a ferry.

However, it still takes our skippers time to deal with paperwork, hence our usual suggestion of 10 days or so as an ideal timeframe.  (Two weeks is even nicer, if you have the vacation time !).

Most of our “combo” trips start and end in Greece, cruising the Turkish coastline in the middle of the itinerary.