Shareboat FAQ

How safe is this for solo women travellers?

It doesn’t get much safer!

First of all, you get an instant friend-group to explore new places and experiences with. If you want to go off on your own, that’s fine too –  if you get lost or whatever, the locals know us so well, they’ll  take you home to the boat 🙂

Secondly, our skippers are not there just to sail the boat. They are your go-to people for everything – whether it’s keeping an eye on boat dynamics (is that guy bugging you?) to “What’s appropriate to wear to the monastry / the beach bar / the Turkish baths, etc?”

We advise the usual caution when transiting through the bigger cities;   keep your street-smarts about you there. But in general, the places we have chosen as our favourite cruising grounds are very low-risk for solo women travellers. Sure, the Greek & Turkish guys may well try to chat you up; but if you make it clear you’re not interested – they’re fine and still totally friendly.  All of us female SeaScape team members feel a whole lot “safer” here than we would in our home “First World” countries!