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Is there a single supplement ?

Our shareboat prices are based on two people sharing a cabin; and no, there is no single supplement in this case.

Because of the necessarily compact design of sailboats, most cabins are doubles. Some are double beds, some are bunk beds or twin singles. We get lots of solo travellers, and most are happy to have a cabin-mate (don’t worry, we won’t put you “in the same bed” with someone of the opposite sex 🙂

If you’d really prefer to have a cabin to yourself – on most trips, we are able to offer that option, at a cost of 1.5x the regular price.

There are some trips (especially our “one-off” exploratory trips, where we rent boats from other owners) when we’re not able to offer this option.

Just check in with us for any particular trip you’re interested in, and we can give you the options.

What is the sailing season in the Med?

The best time to sail in Greece and Turkey is between late May and late Oct.

Earlier in the season is possible, but those glorious sunny-all-day Med conditions are not guaranteed; we can still get some dodgy weather early in May.  The Turkish season tends to extend a little later than Greece; it stays warm and calm longer, the “lights-off” time for most tourist businesses in Turkey is Oct 30.  In Greece, conditions can be a little unpredictable late in Oct (but it can still be a great time to sail, for those who hate crowds!)

Winds – the typical meltemi pattern of summer winds tends to follow the temperature.  It blows the strongest in mid-summer, and is calmer in early and late season.  In some parts of Greece (notably the Ionian), it’s a nice, predictable afternoon breeze; anywhere mid-Aegean or further east, forget any such reliability – the meltemi will blow when it feels like it!


Do I need a visa for Thailand?

For most countries, you can get a visa-on-entry which is valid for 30 days.  If you wish to stay longer, you can extend this visa by another 30 days by visiting a local immigration office, and paying 1900 baht (plus often half a day of your time).

If you want to stay longer, you can apply from your home country and get a 60 day tourist visa.  This can then be extended for another 30 days (with ditto time & money involved as above).

Please note, your passport must be valid for 6 months AFTER your overseas travel is completed.

Do I need a visa for Greece or Turkey?

For Greece,  most nationalities do not need a visa.  One notable exception is South Africa, where you must apply in advance. If you at all in doubt, pls check with your local Greek embassy.  Most non-EU residents get an automatic 3 month visa-on-entry.

Turkey – most nationalities do need a visa, but it is a very simple online process.  The cost varies according which nationality you are, usually from around 15 euros to sometimes up to 50 euros.  The most common is around 20 euros.

Please note, your passport must be valid for 6 months AFTER your overseas travel is completed.

Greece-and-Turkey trips

One of our reasons for choosing the Dodecanese as our home base is that we get Turkey as our next door neighbour.  So we get to sail in both countries,  a wonderful variety!

However, just because we are so geographically close does not mean that we can simply zig-zag between countries (if only!). One still has to go through customs procedures, and this can only be done at certain Ports of Entry.  Still, it’s a whole lot easier to take our own floating home between countries, rather than messing around with bags, queues and customs officials, as you would on a ferry.

However, it still takes our skippers time to deal with paperwork, hence our usual suggestion of 10 days or so as an ideal timeframe.  (Two weeks is even nicer, if you have the vacation time !).

Most of our “combo” trips start and end in Greece, cruising the Turkish coastline in the middle of the itinerary.

I’m travelling solo, but don’t want to end up a “third wheel”

That’s what our “mostly singles” groups are all about.  It may not be ALL singles… and this is absolutely NOT any kind of “dating” deal.  But we can tell you which groups you are likely to fit best with, and don’t worry – there is no way you’ll end up with eg, a family & kids, and you don’t even have any wheels to spin!